Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Australia's Got Talent

Morgana Davies & Zoe Boe of The Tree

Born and raised in Sydney, Morgana Davies has stunned audiences worldwide with her feature film debut: she plays the major role of Simone O'Neill in The Tree, the little girl who believes her late father is living on inside the fig tree in the family's backyard. Only seven and a half when she got cast for the film, Morgana has already achieved celebrity status in Europe. She recently travelled to Paris to see Julie Bertuccelli, and met Kirsten Dunst and Tim Burton at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival.

Brisbane local Zoe Boe plays the role of Simone's best friend Megan Lu. She travelled to Cannes with her father Andrew and her sister Greer. 

Morgana and Zoe were on the red carpet with the director, producers, and their co-stars Charlotte Gainsbourg and Gabriel Gotting. "The press went mad for all the Aussie kids and clamoured to photograph and interview Morgana. She even did a full international press conference and live TV interviews,” said producer Sue Taylor.“It’s obviously been an incredible experience for Morgana, but she’s taken it in her stride, even when hearing herself dubbed into French for the film’s release there.”

Morgana was featured in last month's Italian Vogue, in a photograph taken on the Cannes Red Carpet, and was recently described as "[easily passing] for a long-lost member of the Jolie-Pitt gene pool" (see article below from the Queensland Sunday Mail:).

The Queensland Sunday Mail 19 September 2010

Zoe was mentioned in Queensland Confidential this week:
and here's a link to a great article about Zoe Boe in the Brisbane Times

 Morgana Davies talks about working on The Tree, and her visit to Cannes and Paris:

Morgana and Zoe, with fellow cast member, Gabriel Gotting on the red carpet at Cannes:

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