Monday, September 20, 2010

The Book of the film out this week!!!


(Our Father Who Art In) The Tree, the book of the film, reissued in Australia this week!

The Tree team are excited to announce the reissue of Judy Pascoe’s acclaimed debut novel, Our Father Who Art In The Tree, now The Tree. This much sought after hidden-gem has not been available in Australia for some time. But, soon this lovely book will be out in the country in which it is set, just in time for the cinema release of the film that it inspired, The Tree.

(Our Father Who Art In) The Tree will be available from the warehouse at Murdoch Books from 23 September and in your local book store soon!

Here is an excerpt of UK Kirkus’ review of the book: “This is a triumphant debut novel from Judy Pascoe that will touch the hearts of all who read it. An evocative tale, told through the wistful hopes of Simone as she faces the reality of bereavement, it manages to be both funny and sad. The author tackles the themes of love and loyalty, superstition and religious faith with such poetic imagery and yet such simple language that readers will look at these complex and unsolvable mysteries with the fresh simplicity of a child's eye.” 

For more information on Judy Pascoe and and an interview about her the book check

--- Key Creatives
Judy Pascoe, Julie Bertuccelli, Sue Taylor and Yael Fogiel on location for The Tree,
photograph by Baruch Rafic
------ Our Father Who Art In The Tree Book Cover
ISBN: 9781742662411
RRP: $22.95
Murdoch Books Australia

Want to read the book in French? Check here for the fabulous French bookshop in Australia: Le Forum

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