Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ce que j'ai fait sur mes vacances...

"What I did on my holidays.." The Tree in French Class

A close member of our Tree Family was sent a lovely, and surprising email, recently, from a friend of his who has been living in France for the past six weeks, learning the language...

" Thought you'd like to know that yesterday in French class (here in Aix en Provence) someone started telling (in French of course) about this fabulous movie and it was The Tree, which she saw here in France presumably! I of course had to tell them I knew the father of the young actress! Thought you'd like to know!"

Will you be seeing The Tree on your holidays too?


  1. We're very excited to see The Tree on the big screen! During your time of filming here in Boonah, we sold every single thing in our shop with a tree picture on it to cast and crew. Cards, magnets, books, prints,stickers,notebooks etc. Everybody loves trees!

  2. And what a lovely shop it is too Rachel. Thanks to everyone at The Story Tree.