Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Tree Soundtrack: The Slippers

The Tree Soundtrack Artist:

The Slippers

'Flying Foxes'
'Shiver Shiver'

Christian Byers, who plays eldest son Tim in The Tree features as the guitar, organ and vocals of young band The Royal Slippers, or The Slippers for short.

Evolving from White Stripes covers to soft, glorious folk/blues tracks, they recorded their first EP - The Festival in Megaphon Studios in St Peters, which is now available online through their website.

With future recording in their sights, The Slippers continue to play when they can, and chase up gig opportunities while staying on track with their high school studies.

For more information, or to preview and purchase the EP, checkout The Slipper's myspace:

The Tree Soundtrack CD is NOW available to buy online here:

And is available now via itunes:

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