Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Tree and Daryl Hannah on a Mission (Beach)


Daryl Hannah (Our Favourite Tree Hugger) launches The Tree screening at Mission Beach

 The Tree Team have just heard the wonderful news that Daryl Hannah will be launching the 2010 Mission Beach Film Festival prior to the special Gala screening of The Tree.

As an actor, filmmaker and environmental activist, Daryl Hannah is the perfect representative for the Mission Beach Film Festival. The Festival works hard to promote its of values of Respect for Nature, Universal Human Rights, Economic Justice, A Culture of Peace, What the World Could Be...
The Tree Team are honored that The Tree  has been selected to open this fantastic Festival and so excited that Daryl Hannah will be there to share this great experience.

Here's some local Queensland news articles about the Festival Launch:

--- Daryl H_2

--- Daryl H_3

Find out more about Daryl Hannah's work to promote sustainability at her website: dhlovelife.com
And if you have a moment to spare, check out Daryl Hannah's tree sitting protest at South Central Farm in L.A. youtube
We think she too looks pretty good up in a tree.

Lucky enough to be near beautiful Mission Beach on the 17th September? Check out the website below to find out how to buy tickets. 
For further information contact Anton Whitehead 0419 274 500 anton@whitehead19.com.au
Mission Beach Film Festival Office 07 4088 8113 .


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