Monday, August 30, 2010

The Tree Soundtrack: Asaf Avidan and the Mojos

The Tree Soundtrack Artist:

Asaf Avidan and the Mojos


Appearing at The Tree after party in Cannes, Asaf Avidan and the Mojos treated the guests to a live performance, featuring their track 'Weak' from the opening scenes of The Tree.

Israeli Folk-Rock musician Asaf Avidan gained a strong and devoted following while playing across Israel and in turn gathered the members of what would become The Mojos. The band's unique blend of rock, folk and blues is spearheaded by Avidan's voice while combining honest lyrics and a fantastic live show that has seen them become a national phenomenon and the talk of the international music industry.

After the release of their first album in 2008, 'The Reckoning', Asaf Avidan and the Mojos toured for nearly three years and garnered rave reviews and a fervent following across Europe before signing with Sony-Columbia in August 2009 and releasing a second album 'Poor Boy/Lucky Man'.

With both albums having topped the Israeli charts, Asaf Avidan and the Mojos are now spending most of their days touring across the globe.

To sample or purchase their music, more information, and up to date touring info, please visit their website here:

The Tree soundtrack CD will be available online here early next week:
Or via itunes here now at

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Garden dedicated to Charlotte Gainsbourg's father

Last month, Parisians witnessed the inauguration of the Jardin Serge Gainsbourg (Serge Gainsbourg Garden), set up in memory of the famous singer/songwriter/actor/artist who passed away in 1991.

The garden celebrated its offical opening above the Peripherique at the Porte des Lilas on 8 July. The Mayor, Charlotte Gainsbourg, her mother Jane Birkin, and other family members attended.

From left: Roger Madec, mayor of Paris 19th district; Jane Birkin; Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe; Charlotte Gainsbourg. Photo: Getty Images,

Previously, fans had paid homage to Serge Gainsbourg in the form of graffiti on the outside walls of his Parisian flat.

Monday, August 23, 2010

You asked for it; you got it...The Tree Soundtrack CD

We have had many many requests, and now, yes, it is available!!

The Tree soundtrack can be purchased at Itunes online here.

 Soundtrack CD features the beautiful track, To Build A Home, by The Cinematic Orchestra, as well as the gorgeous opening piece, Weak, by Asaf Avidan and the Mojos. You will also find the fantastic composition pieces by Gregoire Hetzel, and tracks by The Tree star Christian Byers' own band, The Slippers. Lastly, there is the stunning Bach piece that so many people have asked about.

The Tree; Original Soundtrack CD, will be available in record stores across Australia, and worldwide, very soon. In the meantime, pick it up first from Itunes

From seed to The Tree

Sue Taylor, Australian producer of The Tree, was published in the West Australian Newspaper this weekend, with an article on her experience of making the film...

The article appeared in the Agenda section of the West Australian on the 21st August. You can read the article in full below...

Mission: To find and measure the tree

A professional Arborist, known as Ekka, famous around the world for his fantastic forum on everything to do with trees, Tree World, made it his mission to find, measure and classify the tree from the film The Tree.

And within a few days, his mission accomplished, he returned with measurements, photos and a youtube video, to boot!

Ekka decided to spend an afternoon with the tree and the lovely owners of the property at its location. Thanks to Ekka, we learned something new about Fig Trees! He informed us that our tree is actually not a Moreton Bay Fig Tree, as we had previously thought, but a Port Jackson Fig. According to Ekka, the Moreton Bay Fig Tree has larger buttresses (those fantastic roots that look like they belong on the side of a Cathedral) and larger leaves.

Our fig tree looks like it is over 130 years old, over 20 metres high, and the branches (as they haven't been pruned) reach the ground when they are laden with fruit. Apparently, this is very rare to find!

Check out Ekka's fantastic video here:

Monday, August 16, 2010

Notes from a French-Australian in Paris

We feel very privileged to share with you the blog from Mathieu Ravier(aka Matt Riviera), our winner of the competition to travel to Paris to attend a premiere of The Tree.
He has written up an engaging and detailed account of his trip, including his time spent with the Les Films du Poisson production team, at the traditional first public screening of the film, and the reading of the first reviews in the French press.

"I was surprised how closely I identified with the film. I also moved to Australia as young European immigrant, I too spent Christmases camping by deserted beaches in the bush. Watching The Tree in Paris in these unlikely circumstances turned out to be quite the emotional experience, especially sleep deprived and under the spell of jet lag..."

Matt has also shared some fantastic pictures from the premiere, his journey and the The Tree's first week of release in France on Flickr. You can check out all of the photos here.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Tree released in France

The Tree opened across France today in over 220 cinemas, and received a fantastic response from the audience. Judging by the 9 am session (attended by the French production team and Matt Ravier, our Paris competition winner) and great reviews in all the major papers (Le Monde, Libération, Le Figaro, Le Parisien...), it seems the French are very taken with our Tree!

The L'Arbre posters are all over Paris. Here's a photo of a bus poster passing a kiosk poster!

Our Paris comp winner, Matt Ravier beat the jet lag to practically tumble straight off the plane into the cinema for Monday night's advance premiere of The Tree. His late night email reported a full house, with people sitting in the aisles and on the stairs. Matt was very happy to meet Director, Julie Bertuccelli and Producer, Yael Fogiel and share a drink at Cafe Oz after the premiere. He says he has taken loads of photos. Can't wait to see them and share them!

Here's the French poster in the UGC Ciné Cité Movie Theatre, the biggest cinema in Paris.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

2010 AFI Samsung Mobile Awards

Well, we are very excited. Why you may ask? Well if you haven’t heard already, our film The Tree has been selected as one of 19 feature films contending for an AFI award this year. The Australian Film Institute have recognized and celebrated excellence in Australian film and television for over 50 years. As of late August, all of the contenders for the AFI Awards will be screened for both AFI members and the public in Melbourne and Sydney at the 2010 Samsung Mobile AFI Awards Screenings.
AFI CEO, Damian Trewhella said: “2010 marked an exceptional year for Australian screen production and we’re delighted 2011 is shaping up strongly as well. Works from both world renowned and exceptional emerging talents illuminate a refreshingly diverse and exciting slate of Australian films that are creating waves at home and abroad. If you’ve an appetitive for big screen entertainment, make sure you catch most of this bumper film harvest and participate in its yield, another intensely competitive awards season.”
After being honoured with official selection at the Cannes Film Festival as well as the Sydney Film Festival and Melbourne and New Zealand International Film Festivals, we are excited about our selection as a contender for an AFI Award. A great big thank you to everyone for your ongoing support! 

And the winner is...

The Tree team are very happy to announce the winner of the Paris competition.
Matt Ravier from Sydney submitted the winning entry, which was judged anonymously, on the answer alone.
Here is his winning answer:
“Like The Tree, I ‘m a French-Australian coproduction. I’ve been branching out, shaking my foliage in Sydney most of my life, but miss my Parisian roots.”
Matt will be heading off to Paris on the 8th August, just in time to attend a premiere screening of The Tree.
The details of the Australian Premiere Competition will be announced very soon.
Good Luck to all and Watch this space!

I Know Where Dad is..

Keep an eye on Cinefest OZ....

Where would a French/Australian coproduction most likely screen in Australia?
How about Western Australia's unique French/Australian Film Festival - 
CinéfestOZ 10…
25th August to 29th August 2010
Hmmmm... we're just saying....

MIFF sssshhhhhh!!!!!

A little bird in the tree tweeted that The Tree may just be appearing at MIFF also known as the Melbourne International Film Festival at the end of July 2010. Keep an eye on their website here for updates on screenings and tickets...We'll be keeping an eye to update you too!

"To Build A Home" The Cinematic Orchestra

The Tree soundtrack is blessed with the gorgeous track;To Build A Home by The Cinematic Orchestra.
Check out this video of 
The Cinematic Orchestra featuring Patrick Watson performing To Build A Home live!
The band are touring Europe later this year, with these dates locked in:

Ninja Tune XX @ Centre Pompidou, Paris


Ninja Tune XX @ Astra, Berlin


Ninja Tune XX @ The Royal Albert Hall, London

The Tree appearing all over New Zealand very soon

The New Zealand International Film Festival is a national event extending the cinematic options of audiences and filmmakers throughout New Zealand. A programme of between 150-170 features is presented.
This festival is MASSIVE! You can find the Auckland and Wellington schedules online now at the Festival websitehere. Other schedules will follow shortly. Here's an idea:
The Tree  screenings kick off on Friday 16th July at theLido Cinema in Auckland, then rolls on to Wellington, Christchurch and the rest.
So all you Kiwis, wannabe Kiwis, temporary Kiwis and Tree fans, get your tickets NOW!
------ NZ FF Logo

Sydney Fest audience appreciates The Tree

The Tree screened to packed houses at the beautiful, and huge, State Theatre during its run at the Sydney Film Festival. The film has been honoured to be selected in the top five of the  SHOWTIME Movie Channels Audience Awards. These awards highlight the crowd-pleasing titles across feature films and documentaries screened at the Festival.
Fiction Features at the State Theatre:
1.     Boy
2.     Me, Too
3.     Home by Christmas
4.     The Tree
5.     Kawasaki's Rose

The Tree was the only film from the Official Competition to make the top five of the Audience Awards at this year's Festival.
For more Audience Award winners in other categories, please visit the Sydney Film Festival website.

Our Morgana on the list... The Sun Herald 13 June 2010

--- Morgana Sun Herald JPEG
"They clapped a lot longer than we do at the school assembly"
Morgana talks about Cannes and acting in the Sun Herald.

Paris Competition closing date: get your answers in NOW!

For all Tree members, the closing date for the Paris comnpetition is coming up soon!
You need to get your entry in before midnight on Friday 16th July 2010. The winner will be announced on Monday 19th July. The trip will be set to take place some time before the 11th August 2010, but as this is all just “hot off the press” the final date for the Paris screening is yet to be finalised.
We have now published the full Terms and Conditions. Good luck everyone!!
--- Paris
--- Tree 100

Talking Tree at the Sydney Film Fest

Q and A with The Tree...

------ SFF 15
The audience are amused....
Do i spy an incognito Penne Hackforth-Jones in the crowd?
------ SFF 16
Sue Taylor and Julie Bertuccelli, with presenter and hostJulie Rigg
------ SFF 18
The director speaks...listen to the full Public Talk onlinehere
------ SFF 20
Next question please?
------ SFF 22
Christian Byers gets his point across.
------ SFF 24
Morgana Davies talks to her home town crowd, as Julie Bertuccelli looks on.

One Saturday night in Sydney

The stylish Tree gang were displaying their snappy outfits and new hairstyles on the Red Carpet at the Sydney Film Festival last night.

The wet weather didn't dampen anyone's excitement...these guys have survived cyclones together.
Neither did it deter the audience of thousands, as the film played to a packed house at the State Theatre in central Sydney.
------ SFF 1
Christian Byers, Gabriel Gotting, Tom Russell and Morgana Davies.
------ SFF 6
Christian Byers, Gabriel Gotting, Penne Hackforth-Jones, Tom Russell and Morgana Davies.
------ SFF 7
Christian Byers, Gabriel Gotting, Penne Hackforth-Jones, Julie Bertuccelli, Tom Russell, Morgana Davies, Zoe Boe, Sue Taylor and Marton Csokas.
------ SFF 9
Christian Byers, Gabriel Gotting, Tom Russell, Julie Bertuccelli, Morgana Davies and Zoe Boe.
------ SFF 11
Clare Stewart, Sydney Film Festival Director, with Rosemary Blight, Sue Taylor and Julie Bertuccelli.
------ SFF 12
Natasha Bassett and Christian Byers
------ SFF 26
The interior of thr beautiful State Theatre, Sydney.
all photographs by Belinda Rolland © 2010

The Tree arrives in Australia, in the nick of time!

The film print of The Tree literally arrived in Australia today under the arm of the director, Julie Bertuccelli, who landed at Sydney International Airport after a red eye flight from Paris. Julie was met at her hotel at 6 am by Ben Amy, the dedicated Guest Coordinator of the Sydney Film Festival, who wheeled the cans of 35 mm film down George Street in the dark of the Sydney morning adn delivered it safely to the State Theatre, where it is to be screened tonight.

Asaf Avidan and the after party

------ MC 2
Guests at The Tree after party, in Cannes, were treated to the wonderful sounds of Asaf Avidan and the Mojos, whose song 'Weak', features in the opening titles of the film. The Israeli band were on tour in France, so we were lucky to have them along to perform.
The Tree kids were front of stage, watching in awe at surprise. His voice is amazing.
------ MC 3
------ MC 4

Here's a clip of 'Weak' by Asaf Avidan and The Mojos

Montee des Marches

Montee des Marches, or The Mounted Steps, is the French term for The Red Carpet.
Here are The Tree team on the march!
(And by the way, Morgana, we love your shoes!!!)

The Tree can Cannes

------ CRC 1
Morgana Davies, Gabriel Gotting, Julie Bertuccelli and Zoe Boe ready to hit the red carpet!
------ CRC 2
Morgana Davies and Gabriel Gotting looking sunsafe and sophisticated on the beach in Cannes!
------ CRC 3
Pimp my ride! The Cannes limo ready to take Morgana nad Gabriel to the photo call.
------ CRC 4
Clap you hands, say yeah! The Tree gets a 7 minute standing ovation at Cannes.
------ CRC 5
Getting ready for the red carpet walk, Salma Hayek and the other Award Ceremony stars.
------ CRC 6
That's a long carpet. The Tree crew about to walk through the parted sea of paparazzi, on their way into the Palais des Festivals.

------ CRC 7
Stunning sunset over Cannes. The view from the Screen Australia office.
All photographs above skilfully taken and kindly donated by Michelle Gotting

Cannes: behind the scenes

Cannes, in Festival season, is a beautiful and crazy place. As a wise woman once said, it's a bit like the Easter Show, but without the rides and showbags!

It is certainly very busy and seems to have a natural mix of choas and glamour. Here's some behind the scenes pics from The Tree crew.
------ MC 1

...even the paparazzi have to wear black tie to get on the red carpet!
------ MCC 4 have to get up early to lock your step ladder into prime position!
(This is what the paparazzi pit looks like when the snappers are elsewhere).
------ MCC 8 should be prepared for a rugby scrum, even in your evening dress and heels!
(Unless you're an A-lister it can be a struggle to even get on to the red carpet. And hang on to your ticket, as you'll be accosted by hundreds of people literally begging to relieve you of it.)
------ MCC 2
...the poster girl ends up winning the Best Actress award.
Congratulations to the gracious and beautiful Juliette Binoche.
------ MCC 1
...the directors will see their name in large letters, as well is in lights!
The Tree director, Julie Bertuccelli, is up there. Go Julie!
One of few women among the many men, but that's a different story...
------ MCC 3 could probably boat-hop to Monaco and back!
If you are rich and famous enough to get on board, that is.
The Sea Shepherd ship, 
the Steve Irwin was docked in the bay during the festival, its black hull standing out amid the monolithic luxury yachts.
------ MCC 9
...Australian filmmakers get an office with a view.
The Screen Australia office was in a great position and they were kind enough to hold a small function to welcome The Tree cast and crew to the Festival. Thanks everyone.
------ MCC 5
..its a wonder the photographers get any photos that aren't the back of other photographer's heads!They are a noisy bunch. We had fun with them at thephotocall.
------ MCC 7
...Morgana signs her autograph for fans on Friday...
then get's Tim Burton and Kirsten Dunst's autographs for herself on Saturday.
------ CRC 8 is actually possible to find a quiet moment!
The Old Town of Cannes is a gorgeous place of cobblestone streets and homely restuarants. One of our favourites was Hast Siempre which makes the best gnocchi and fresh pesto!! La Pizza, down on the quay was another favourite.

The Red Carpet!!

Wow, and when we say wow, we mean WOW!!!! Check out these absolutely BEAUTIFUL photos of the crew and cast from The Tree as they glamorously walked down THE RED CARPET for the 63rd annual Cannes Film Festival. 
--- Red Carpet 1
Charlotte Gainsbourg, Julie Bertucelli, Gabriel Gotting, Morgana Davies, Sue Taylor, Zoe Boe, Guest and
Yael Fogiel attend 'The Tree' Premiere held at the Palais des Festivals during the 63rd Annual International Cannes Film Festival on May 23, 2010 in Cannes, France.
--- Red Carpet 2
Sue Taylor, Yael Fogiel, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Julie Bertucelli, Morgana Davies, Guest, Gabriel Gotting, Zoe Boe all looking STUNNING! 
--- Red Carpet 3
Charlotte Gainsbourg, Zoe Boe, Morgana Davies, Julie Bertucelli, Gabriel Gotting, Sue Taylor, Guest and Yael Fogiel upon arrival of the premier of The Tree
--- Red Carpet 4
Charlotte Gainsbourg, Sue Taylor, Zoe Boe, Julie Bertucelli, Guest, Morgana Davies, Gabriel Gotting and Yael Fogiel 
--- Red Carpet 5
Sue Taylor, Yael Fogiel, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Julie Bertucelli, Morgana Davies, Guest, Gabriel Gotting and Zoe Boe
--- Red Carpet 6
Guest, Sue Taylor, Zoe Boe, Yael Fogiel, Gabriel Gotting, Julie Bertucelli, Morgana Davies and Charlotte Gainsbourg
--- Red Carpet 7
Charlotte Gainsbourg, Gabriel Gotting, Julie Bertucelli, Morgana Davies, Sue Taylor, Zoe Boe, Guest and Yael Fogiel 
--- Red Carpet 8
Yael Fogiel, Sue Taylor, Zoe Boe, Julie Bertucelli, Gabriel Gotting, Morgana Davies and Charlotte Gainsbourg all looking happy and celebrating!!!
Below are two photos from the photo call...
--- Photo call 1
Yael Fogiel, Julie Bertcelli, Zoe Boe, Gabriel Gotting, Morgana Davies, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Sue Taylor (and WHAT a beautiful setting this is!!)
--- Photo call 2
Julie Bertcelli, Morgana DAvies and Charlotte Gainsbourg are all smiles..... 

All photo's were retrieved from LIFE