Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Week Seven: Uncle Jack comes to help out

The action this week was focused around the visit from Uncle Jack and the three Auntys and the ongoing tension between the  O'Neills and neighbour  Mrs Johnson. This meant that the set was honoured with the presence of some very familiar faces from Australian screens in the form of distinguished acrors, Penne Hackforth-Jones, Gillian Jones, Arthur Dignam, Jackie Kelleher, Wendy Playfair and Benita Collings.------ Julie B and Arthur Dignam
Director, Julie Bertuccelli, with Arthur Dignam, who plays Uncle Jack
All of the Australian crew were in awe of Benita Collings, who they fondly remembered as their favourite presenter from Play School in their childhood days. Click here for a video of Benita in action in Play School on the ABC.
------ aunties
Left to right; Wendy Playfair, Jackie Kelleher and Benita Collings as Aunt Harriet, Aunty Jacqueline and Aunt Mary

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