Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Post-production: Bye Bye Boonah, the last one to leave please turn off the lights!

The Production Assistant is usually the first one to arrive at the office, and the last one to leave. It was true in this case, for Jasmin Lyford, the Assistant Co-ordinator, and Kat Westbrook, the Production Assistant, who locked the door of the Production Office, at Church Street, Boonah, this afternoon, leaving an empty church building behind, but with a warm send off from  local  Boonah residents.  The production team have spent the week packing up and now the boxes are headed for Paris in one  direction and  Perth, Western Australia, in the other, to get ready for post-production. Although the hustle and bustle of the shoot is over, we step into a new exciting phase where the  story is put together and the film is  shaped. Stay tuned...
------ Prod Office
Jasmin and Kat in the Production Office, before they started to pack up. Note bubble wrap at the ready!

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