Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Week One: Lights, Camera, Action!

First week of shooting, hooray!  Majority of the filming is on location at the house with the massive tree.  The search for the perfect tree ended when the filmmakers came across a property in Kalbar, the neighbouring town to Boonah.
------ Big Tree------ House and Tree
Once the tree was found, an old Queenslander house was split in half and brought in on the back of a couple of trucks, to be positioned beside the tree.  The art department have done an amazing job with the house and even the tree.  Looking closely you wouldn’t pick the fake tree roots that have been added to enhance the root system.
 ------ House on truck------ House on trucks
The house being brought in and positioned.
------ IMG_0158 - matt jordin scenic artist
Matt Jordin, the scenic artist, touches up the fake tree root on day 1 of filming.
------ Crew Day 1
Crew setting up for the first shot on day one of filming

Elsa, who is the Director’s Assistant from France encountered a fun task of going to Ipswich to film flying foxes/bats as reference for our bat scene.  Here’s a snippet of the bats in action!  Mmmm, watch out for the guano

------ tree_bats_ipswich-poster

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