Monday, August 23, 2010

Mission: To find and measure the tree

A professional Arborist, known as Ekka, famous around the world for his fantastic forum on everything to do with trees, Tree World, made it his mission to find, measure and classify the tree from the film The Tree.

And within a few days, his mission accomplished, he returned with measurements, photos and a youtube video, to boot!

Ekka decided to spend an afternoon with the tree and the lovely owners of the property at its location. Thanks to Ekka, we learned something new about Fig Trees! He informed us that our tree is actually not a Moreton Bay Fig Tree, as we had previously thought, but a Port Jackson Fig. According to Ekka, the Moreton Bay Fig Tree has larger buttresses (those fantastic roots that look like they belong on the side of a Cathedral) and larger leaves.

Our fig tree looks like it is over 130 years old, over 20 metres high, and the branches (as they haven't been pruned) reach the ground when they are laden with fruit. Apparently, this is very rare to find!

Check out Ekka's fantastic video here:

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