Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Show Must Go On!

--- Blog_1Its currently 15 degrees, cloudy and rain is forecast over the next three days, but that is not enough to ruin the atmosphere at this years Cannes Film Festival. There have been hundreds of news articles reporting the freakish stormy weather that has disturbed the usually sunny south France. 
"Ash from the volcano in Iceland is still creating havoc with flights from northern Europe. Last  week a thirty foot wave reportedly battered the Cannes coastline and caused significant damage to automobiles and ocean front businesses." (Merri News)
While some people might be struggling to get to Cannes due to the volcanic ash, Sue Taylor has arrived and little Morgana Davies is on her way there right now. 
"This is a festival that can't be missed" (The Star)
The trouble all started on the 4th of May, when a major storm hit the Mediterranean shoreline, with the opening night of Cannes just eight days away there was not much time for cleanup. But alas, it has been done and the famous white tents have been erected in order to accommodate all the celebs that will be attending this amazing festival. 
Check out some photos taken just three days ago of all the prep that was being done to ensure that the festival would be a success. Oh and there are also some photos of the grey weather that they are experiencing over there. 
Regardless of this, I know that I for one, am dying to be there right now.... 

--- Blog_2
Prep to make sure that Cannes is picture perfect
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Grey skies in Cannes
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More gloomy weather
For more news about the weather and prep for Cannes click on any one of the following links:

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