Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sydney Film Festival


We are very pleased to announce that The Tree will be featured in this years Sydney Film Festival. The news will only be announced on Friday 7 May, but to all you loyal members we have decided to break it to you early!
--- Sydney Film Festival
We will most certainly keep you posted. And on the gossip side of things.. little Morgana Davies attended the launch of the Sydney Film Festival this morning! How exciting! 
For more information about the Sydney Film Festival you can also check out their website ( This year's theme is called "unleash". 
Blogger Mathieu Ravier posted an article about the films that are said to be featuring at the festival. Definitely check it out, just click on the logo below.. 
In other news.. we would love to hear your comments on anything! Are you excited about watching The Tree, do you have any questions, are you happy with you membership, will you be attending either the Sydney or Cannes festival??? We would love to hear anything you have to say. So please free to leave your comments... email us.. facebook us, whatever suits you best.
Much love
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