Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Week Six: Happy times and sad

------ Poppy03
This week the crew travelled down to Fingal Head in New South Wales to film the beach holiday scenes. There was a slight problem on 23rd September, however. The  usually sunny blue sky was totally blocked out by a deep red dust storm that  stretched from western New South Wales to southern Queensland. The skies of Sydney was particularly thick with smoke, as all Sydney ferry services were cancelled and flights were diverted to Melbourne and Brisbane. Click this link to view video of the coast that morning at Newcastle NSW.
------ Red Sydney
On Friday it was back to the house to film the funeral scene, which involved the largest amount of cast for the whole film, with 19 cast members and  22 extras, including John Foote, the owner of the Booah property, who was very happy to be a part of the film, alongside his wife, Margaret Foote, who with sister, Betty Cartmill, appear as the Mackenzie sisters.

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