Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Introducing Poppy

--- Poppy02So, I’ve been asked to be the blogger for The Tree.  I’m a first time blogger, so you’ll just have to bear with me if I bore you with my stories that seem to have no point or destination.  It’s a habit I have.  A quick intro about me, my name is Poppy, I’m the Producers’ Assistant on this job. I like animals, Japanese animations, wine, and cheese, you might find hints of such subjects throughout my blogging……
So starting at the beginning…. pre production was initially at the Warner Bros Studios on the Gold Coast and then we did the big move to Boonah once the office was set up.  The Gold Coast was interesting for the short amount of time I was there, next door to our production offices was the Narnia crew cranking up for their shoot, lots of big dragon heads being wheeled around the studio lot.  Perhaps the most entertaining part was hearing the people screaming on the rides at the MovieWorld theme park as the roller coaster went past the windows of the production offices.
We all made our way out to Boonah, and instantly there was an air of relaxation in the air, just looking out at the magnificent mountains that surround the area.  Boonah is one of those great country towns where if you’re walking down the main street, every person will stop to say hello to you.   It didn’t take long before we started to know all the locals by first name!,_Queensland
------ Horizon - Boonah
Photo: Boonah, Queensland, Australia.

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