Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cannes: behind the scenes

Cannes, in Festival season, is a beautiful and crazy place. As a wise woman once said, it's a bit like the Easter Show, but without the rides and showbags!

It is certainly very busy and seems to have a natural mix of choas and glamour. Here's some behind the scenes pics from The Tree crew.
------ MC 1

...even the paparazzi have to wear black tie to get on the red carpet!
------ MCC 4 have to get up early to lock your step ladder into prime position!
(This is what the paparazzi pit looks like when the snappers are elsewhere).
------ MCC 8 should be prepared for a rugby scrum, even in your evening dress and heels!
(Unless you're an A-lister it can be a struggle to even get on to the red carpet. And hang on to your ticket, as you'll be accosted by hundreds of people literally begging to relieve you of it.)
------ MCC 2
...the poster girl ends up winning the Best Actress award.
Congratulations to the gracious and beautiful Juliette Binoche.
------ MCC 1
...the directors will see their name in large letters, as well is in lights!
The Tree director, Julie Bertuccelli, is up there. Go Julie!
One of few women among the many men, but that's a different story...
------ MCC 3 could probably boat-hop to Monaco and back!
If you are rich and famous enough to get on board, that is.
The Sea Shepherd ship, 
the Steve Irwin was docked in the bay during the festival, its black hull standing out amid the monolithic luxury yachts.
------ MCC 9
...Australian filmmakers get an office with a view.
The Screen Australia office was in a great position and they were kind enough to hold a small function to welcome The Tree cast and crew to the Festival. Thanks everyone.
------ MCC 5
..its a wonder the photographers get any photos that aren't the back of other photographer's heads!They are a noisy bunch. We had fun with them at thephotocall.
------ MCC 7
...Morgana signs her autograph for fans on Friday...
then get's Tim Burton and Kirsten Dunst's autographs for herself on Saturday.
------ CRC 8 is actually possible to find a quiet moment!
The Old Town of Cannes is a gorgeous place of cobblestone streets and homely restuarants. One of our favourites was Hast Siempre which makes the best gnocchi and fresh pesto!! La Pizza, down on the quay was another favourite.

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